Solutions for Dogs with Travelling Issues: Applied TTouch

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Does your dog suffer from motion sickness when in the car?
Bark in your ear or jump about, making it difficult to concentrate and being a dangerous distraction to the driver?
Or perhaps he isn’t keen about getting in at all?
Sharing the car with a poor passenger makes even the shortest trip stressful and miserable for everyone – but help is now at hand!

In this course you will find solutions for all these issues, plus advice on spotting the warning signs, products and therapies, how to make journeys more pleasant, and step-by-step travel training exercises.

If you have a dog who loves a ride in the car, you may take this simple joy for granted.  For many dogs, however, traveling, and riding in the car specifically, can be a source or physical discomfort and mental anxiety.

Dog guardians who have an animal that struggles with car rides know how difficult and worrisome this issue can be.

In this course, author and behaviourist Toni Shelbourne, guides you through the why’s, how’s and possible solutions for helping your dogs find traveling in the car, a touch easier.

Course Contents

  • The Poor Passenger
  •  Cause and Effect
  •  Giving your Dog a Good Ride
  • Finding a Solution
  • Tellington TTouch: Bodywork & Body Wraps
  • Tellington TTouch: Playground for Higher Learning
  •  Travel Training
  • Further reading & resources

This course includes:

  • 6 Lessons with “how-to” videos and lectures about each specific concept and exercise.
  • 150 minutes of lecture and demonstration video with easy to follow, how-to examples
  • 23 page PDF Course Manual for addition learning support
  • 24/7 Access to all materials



Challenging Behavior

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