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Tellington TTouch® for Dogs: An Introduction

Self-Paced Course


Self-Paced Online Learning

  • Help your dog be their BEST selves!

  • Enhance self-control

  • Develop good leash habits

  • Reduce anxiety & fear

  • Address reactivity

  • Support senior & special need dogs

  • Develop trust & Communication

Are you curious to learn what the Tellington TTouch® Method is all about?

Here is your chance to learn an array of innovative, effective, and dog-friendly exercises and techniques that will transform the way you and your dog understand one another.

  •  Are you a dog lover?
  • DO you want to help your dog become a calm companion?
  • Have you recently added a rescue or shelter animal to your family?
  •  Do you have a dog who needs a little extra support or has some specific challenges?
  • Maybe you simply want some positive, mindful ways to be with your animal.

Whether you have a dog who; is anxious or fearful, a senior dog who you want to support physically, pulls on the leash, a puppy needing a solid foundation, or one your just want to build a better relationship with – this course will give you the tools to succeed!


This “Intro” consists of 7 Lessons and 14 topics with over 4 hours of video lectures and demonstrations.


Course Outline

➡️ Welcome to the Course

➡️ About the Method

  • Goals & Overview
  • Components

➡️ Attitude & Philosophy

  • Core Principles
  • Staying Grounded

➡️ Observation & Awareness

  • What to Look For
  • The 5 Fs

➡️ Basics of Bodywork

  • Understanding & Refining the TTouches
  • Introductory Techniques

➡️ All Wrapped Up:  TTouch Body Wraps

  • Quarter & Half Wraps

➡️ Change the Posture; Change the Animal – Basic Leash Skills

  • Handler Skill Building
  • Balance Leash

➡️ Finding Harmony – Loose Leash Tools

  • Fit & Function
  • Harmony Harness, Leash & Handle
  • TTouch Connector

➡️ The Next Steps

Do not miss this chance to “Get in TTouch with Your Dog”.

  • Prices in US Dollars

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